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Life Long Learning

Herefordshire HR & FD Consultancy Life Long Learning

Here at Marches BC we have been setting up our new website – we hope you like it! We have really got into the spirit of “life-long learning” this week. Although we have some software that provides templates and layouts, it has been quite a steep learning curve to get to grips with. First we had to fathom the terminology of web design; themes, widgets, features, side-bars. The user guide assumed a lot of knowledge and I really found out what is meant by the term “my brain aches”. We both spent days with furrowed brows that coffee would only temporarily straighten. However, around 72 hours on and we have a ‘finished’ website, that we are pretty pleased with, and the confidence to jump in and update it regularly. How satisfying to have started from absolute zero and developed a really useful skill with a bit of time, perseverance and a buddy to share the journey with. I’ve got the bug – what can I learn next?!

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