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How to manage “difficult” employees

I am going to start this blog with a controversial statement: there are no difficult employees, just frustrated managers who haven’t found a way of motivating and engaging them yet! I firmly believe that the vast majority of us go to work to do a good job and get on with our managers and colleagues. …
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What is the role of HR?

Five key benefits of getting some HR input into your SME. Staff welfare, personnel, human resources, people team, organisational development.  We use so many terms for those individuals that an organisation engages specifically to handle the ‘people’ aspects of running its operational activity.  It’s no wonder, then, that many business owners and managers don’t really…
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Top Tips for managing your people

Every business needs a marketing strategy. In the same way, make sure you have a strategy for your people.  It could be as simple as a one-pager attached to your business plan. Based on your business goals, describe how you will go about attracting, selecting, developing and motivating your people.  Once you have invested in the…
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Working from home versus being home-based

Working from home versus being home-based: is there a difference?  Oh yes!  As a busy Head of HR, I used to cherish my working from home days; the team only rang if they really needed to, I got so much done. I was in my element.  I would shut myself away in our home office, perhaps…
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Life Long Learning

Here at Marches BC we have been setting up our new website – we hope you like it! We have really got into the spirit of “life-long learning” this week. Although we have some software that provides templates and layouts, it has been quite a steep learning curve to get to grips with. First we…
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