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Cost Control

Part-Time Finance Director (FD) Cost Control

Why Is Cost Control Important?

All businesses need to incur a certain level of overhead in order to generate revenue. However, if costs get out of control, they will erode profit. Larger profit leads to higher dividend payments, as well as an increased business sale value.Hence, there is a balance between incurring unnecessary costs and spending on items to improve profit. Finding this “sweet spot” can be difficult. A fresh outside perspective will identify enhancements that can be made to the business cost base.  It may be that a business is going through difficult times and simply needs to cut costs in order to survive.

How We Can Help

Our Finance consultant, Tony Hornik, can identify potential areas of waste expenditure. He can also suggest where it may be beneficial to increase spend. He has guided businesses through economic downturns and instigated specific cost saving exercises. This is often an area where tough decisions are required and need to be implemented with sensitivity.