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Discipline & Grievance Investigations

Discipline & Grievance Investigations

Why do you need investigations?

Investigations are critical to handling Discipline and Grievance issues.  An employment tribunal will assess whether an employer has acted reasonably when issuing a formal sanction or dismissing an employee.  They will take into account the process used to come to the decision and will want to see facts and evidence.  Investigations are key to demonstrating a fair process.

Informal or Formal?

Minor misconduct may be dealt with informally, but always make a written note of how you have handled it.  For more serious issues you may need a formal approach.  Using an independent person to conduct the investigations can be the best way forward.  Equally, a grievance may be handled informally if the person raising the complaint agrees, but if they do not you must conduct some investigations and hold a formal meeting.

Why are investigations sometimes outsourced?

Independent investigations ensure objectivity and prevent busy managers from being diverted from business critical activities.  Employment tribunals pay close attention to process and a robust evidence gathering exercise with a clear written report can really help an employer’s defence if legal proceedings commence.  Since the abolition of tribunal fees, claims against employers have increased exponentially.  The business case for a thorough investigation is now stronger than ever. 

How can Marches Business Consulting help?

We can provide an experienced independent investigator who will clarify the brief with you and meet all of the relevant parties on a one-to-one basis.  A detailed report will be written outlining the evidence and we will make recommendations for next steps.

We can also investigate allegations of bullying and malpractice (whistle-blowing).

How much do investigations cost?

An external investigator can cost less than you think.  However, it will depend on the nature of the issue and how many people need to be interviewed.  Our HR Consultant will give you an estimate of the time needed on a case-by-case basis.

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