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HR Strategy, Policy & Projects

HR Strategy, Policy & Projects

“Our business is our people” is something you hear often.  Reviewing your HR strategy and policies alongside your business plan makes good business sense.

HR Strategy

Taking a strategic approach to how you recruit, develop, motivate and retain your people will maximise their contribution to achieving your company goals.  A good HR strategy will translate the business strategy and plans into some key people priorities with a clear implementation plan.  We can help you do this, in conjunction with your management team and, preferably, with your employees.

HR Policies

HR policies are an essential tool for setting out expectations and standards for your employees.  They help to set the culture of an organisation and provide some protection and a framework for handling issues when individuals fall short.  Whether you need a basic suite of policies, a new policy (e.g. due to legislation change) or a review of what you have in place, Marches Business Consulting can help.  Small businesses tend to incorporate their HR policies into one employee handbook.  We can help you review your handbook and decide which areas, if any, would be better dealt with using a more detailed policy or guidance document.

HR Projects

HR functions rarely have capacity to take forward important pieces of project work to help develop the business, or even to respond to statutory changes.  Marches Business Consulting can provide project management support for your HR team or undertake discrete projects in their entirety.  Contact us to discuss your plans.  Examples of some of the HR projects undertaken include: implementing values-based recruitment and appraisals; stress audit; job description review; exit and ‘itchy feet’ surveys; strategic workforce planning approach; and organisational restructures.

How can we help?

We can tailor consultancy packages to your specific needs.  Contact Lisa for a free no-obligation discussion about your needs.  She will help you scope out the support you require.  See our packages and pricing page for more information.