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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Why use mediation?

Conflict in the workplace can be so damaging and time-consuming. If it is not addressed constructively, conflict usually ends badly.  One or more valuable employees may be absent through ill-health or lost to the company altogether. There are many misconceptions about workplace mediation.  Mediation is not arbitration or ‘banging heads together’. It is a completely confidential facilitative process. The mediator owns the process but empowers the parties in conflict to have an honest dialogue and find their own joint solutions.  There is no guarantee of success as it requires a willingness to participate fully from both sides.  However, when both parties make it work, the results can be transformative for working relationships.

How does it work?

Most mediations take place during one day (or over a couple of days).  Each party is invited to talk about the issues from their own perspective, first with the mediator then with the other party in the mediator’s presence.  The mediator facilitates this process so that both parties are able to participate in a constructive way.  The parties in conflict are encouraged to find a positive way forward that they are both able to commit to.  It is not necessary to have a written agreement and no detailed notes are kept. It is a highly confidential process.

Workplace mediation is often used as a recommendation following a formal HR procedure but can, and should, be used at the earliest point when a conflict becomes apparent for the highest likelihood of success.  Parties in conflict are often sceptical about mediation.  Contact Lisa to discuss how to ensure the right conditions exist to start the process.

What does it cost?

Resolving conflict quickly will save your business time and money.   Mediator services are cost-effective and will be charged at a daily or hourly rate.  Get in touch for an estimate.

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